Luxar Anti-Reflective

Luxar Magnetron sputtered anti-reflective glass with almost no reflectance, is an innovative product stocked by McGrory Glass, Inc. With a reflectance of .5%, mirror-like effects will be prohibited and therefore Luxar is almost invisible when viewing.

Luxar uses a multi layer optical thin film coating which is applied to the glass in a vacuum atmosphere with Magnetron Sputtering technology. The individual layers are metal oxides which are extremely hard and durable, and therefore do not corrode. The top layer is a quartz-like protective layer, which allows the glass to be easily handled and cleaned.

It also makes it ideal for exterior applications and high maintenance areas. Because McGrory is a stocking distributor of Luxar, you do not have to wait 8-16 weeks for delivery. McGrory is able to supply the finished product with quick turnaround on production to keep your project on time and under budget.

Luxar is available in thickness' ranging
from .08" - 1/2" (2mm - 12mm) and a maximum sheet size of 75" x 118".

McGrory stocks the following thickness'
and make-up for immediate availability:

  • 3mm - 12mm Annealed and Tempered
  • 4mm - 12mm Laminated