Decorative Laminated Glass

This is the most rewarding part of the relationships we build with the Architectural/Design professionals. This is where the designer's imagination travels from fantasy to reality. Let your visions come to life and create your signature product.

We supply you with a set of samples focused towards your design criteria. You take those samples and tell us what is missing from your vision:

Too much light...not enough light. We can adjust the transparency to fit the concept.

Needs more blue or pink? Send us a swatch or color number to match.

Corporate ID Logo or colors? Not a problem with digital imaging and an endless array of color palettes.There is a true sense of accomplishment when we work through a project with the designer from conception to installation. We pay special attention to the design function, while keeping the budget and feasibility of the project at the forefront. McGrory understands that your time is valuable and our most important job is to make sure your vision is incorporated into the end result.