Comprehensive Radiation Protection

McGrory Glass is a leader in Radiation Shielding Glass offering one of the
largest glass sizes available; allowing architects to design viewing windows
with a wider field of vision. Med-X® is supplied as polished plates with
dimensions up to 54" x 108". McGrory Glass is the sole distributor for
Corning Med-X products in North America.


  • Shields against X-Rays from equipment in the the 100 to 300kV range.
  • High barium and lead content providing optimum protection and a neutral appearance.
  • Suitable for laminating using PVB interlayers to meet CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II safety glazing standard.
  • Stocked in many sizes and lead equivalencies to meet demands on any Healthcare Project.
  • Corning Med-X® products are certified and tested to meet requirements for diagnostic imaging applications.


  • Viewing windows and insulating glazing
    for X-ray rooms
  • Screens for medical diagnostics
  • Protection windows in laboratories
  • Airport security X-ray screens
  • Lenses for safety goggles


Specified by Architects worldwide
for Healthcare projects