Back painted Glass

McGrory Glass, Inc. is now offering back painted (color coated) glass for the Architectural and Design professional for both interior and exterior applications.

As with all our products and processes we work with, McGrory Glass takes extra care in working with materials from only the cleanest and most environmentally friendly producers in the world, who meet the most stringent standards in their manufacturing and production process. This is no different with our back coated glass technology. Unlike other finishes, our coatings do not contain harmful isocyanates.

Our limitless color palette allows the glass to be integrated with the other elements of your design to create a better flow of the environment.

To help ensure a long lasting beautiful finish, make sure the process you specify comes with a proven track record of success and will leave the lasting impression that you envisioned.

Some of the benefits of our
painting process include:

  • 10-year guarantee covering peeling,
    cracking, bubbling or discoloration
  • 3-Part CSI Specification
  • Computer color-matching technology
  • Unlimited Color Palette

Additional finishes and textures
available include the following

  • Transparents
  • Opaques
  • Fluorescents
  • Graphics
  • Metallics